This Week's Classes

Workshops and Specialty Classes

Workshops and Specialty classes are a way to dive deeper into wellness while offering an interactive platform to our community. Not only does this give our clients and patients the opportunity to learn and grow, but it also strengthens our community connection while deepening our skills and comprehension in a fun and safe environment.

30 Day Meditation Challenge with Lauren Brokop

Date: February 18 – March 19
Total Cost: ONLY $3.00

Location: Wherever you are – Affirmations are sent daily to your personal email.

Guidelines: Each day for 30 days, you will receive an email with a positive affirmation. Your challenge is to set aside three minutes every day to sit quietly (or lie down) in meditation repeating the affirmation back to yourself. Don’t stop there though. Do your best to stick with your affirmations throughout the day to avoid sinking into complaints and self-self-sabotage the rest. When you catch yourself in negative thought pattern throughout the day; pause, take a breath, and repeat your daily affirmation.

Why Affirmations? Because I believe affirmations are one of the first steps in cultivating a meditation practice. One of the main excuses I hear all the time about why people don’t meditate is that their mind doesn’t stop talking and it is mostly negative thoughts. “How can I possibly sit in stillness with this mind,” they say. Affirmations have the power to help get you out of the negative mindset and into the positive, so you are able to rest easy inside yourself.

What is an Affirmation? An affirmation is really anything you say or think. Let me ask you this, "How many of your thoughts throughout your day reinforce negativity?" Thousands, most likely! You are probably saying things like:

“Ugh, I don’t want to go to work today.”
“I look so tired.”
“That won’t work”
“My house is so dirty.”
“So stupid, why did I do that.”

Negative self-talk is very damaging and reinforces negative beliefs you have about yourself, your abilities and the world around you. One thing I want to be clear on is that you are not bad person for thinking the way you do. However, it’s time to take responsibility for the health of your mind.

Sign up for the 30-Day Meditation Challenge, start to clean out the negative mind clutter, and discover you like hanging out with YOU. And soon enough, you’ll be making excuses to meditate.

Holistic Kitchen

Megan (Dr. Kelly) and Vas come together each month to present a different topic on all things Holistic Nutrition. We talk everything from bone broth to the best storage techniques, to organic and sustainable farming and composting your scraps, to delicious soup recipes and baked goods. Plus, we actually cook! These workshops are great for all levels and are appropriate for kids and teens, so bring the family, your friends, and loved ones and lets get cooking!

Wellness Wednesdays with Dr. E

Join Dr. E each month to develop the tools to integrate all aspects of your 'psychE' while promoting harmony between your thoughts, physical body, true self, relationships, and emotions and energy.

Dr. E has developed her own psychological theory and approach, PsychE (™). Her workshops are informative, thought provoking, and most importantly, fun! Dr. E takes on the issues that challenge us in our daily lives and offers a unique set to tools to better navigate through life’s most challenging and rewarding times by developing a better sense and understanding of the self.

Dr. E's Psychological Theory, PsychE (™) :
Mind = Thoughts
Body = Physical
Soul = True Self
Spirit = Emotions
Heart = Relationships


We love to travel and wellness retreats are a great way to embody the holistic philosophy and approach at ESO. Together, as a community, we are able to create adventure, explore new places, escape the every day, and find peace, freedom, rejuvenation, and most importantly, balance! Retreats are both local and international and are for EVERYONE! No prior experience needed, these retreats aren’t just for yogis. All you need is an open mind and a desire to have fun, to dive deeper in to your self awareness, to move mindfully, and to be amongst like minded people sharing in your journey to wellness. It’s a beautiful world out there and we can’t wait to explore alongside you.

Upcoming Retreats

Sagrada Wellness, October 2019

Located in Santa Margarita, California just outside of San Luis Obispo, positioned on a majestic hilltop, Sagrada Wellness is a one-of-a-kind Central Coast California yoga retreat destination. The contemporary and rustic aesthetic offers guests a special place to reflect on peace, awareness and rejuvenation in the ranches beautiful and natural landscape.

The Sagrada Kitchen is organic, vegetarian, and mainly gluten free; purified spring water and an abundance of fresh local fruit are always available. Each morning they'll be serving strong organic coffee, their own free range organic eggs with sprouted bread and jelly, sliced tomatoes, yogurt and their famous homemade granola.

Enjoy 4 yoga classes over the course of your stay in addition to 3 workshops hosted by special guest, Dr. E where we'll dive deeper into your PsychE . After yoga, enjoy a cool cleanse in Sagrada's outdoor shower or opt for a walk on one of Sagrada's nature trails. Sagrada's all-inclusive retreat center is designed around a landscaped courtyard, where guests can enjoy their meals, or a glass of wine at sunset. At the end of the day relax in the hot tub or saltwater pool under starry night skies.

Lead Yoga Teacher: Vas Kypreos
Special Guest: Dr. E (Elleni Iouannou)

Past Retreats

Sagrada Wellness 2018 It was a quick weekend getaway to the central coast of California. We spent the weekend diving deeper into our Psyche with Dr. E, enjoyed the beautiful grounds, daily yoga, delicious food, and the company of our community.

Lefkada, Greece 2018 Our home for the week, the lovely Urania Villas, sat cliffside overlooking the sea and our private beach. Together we explored yoga; guided meditation; intentional journaling; tarot/goddess card readings; and of course, Greek culture and cuisine. It was an unforgettable week filled with adventure, culture, and fun.

Nicaragua 2017 Aqua Wellness Resort, situated in a lush tropical forest natural setting within a private beach cove on the Nicaragua’s ‘Emerald Coast’ on the Pacific just north of Costa Rica. Our stay included delicious organic food, gluten free and dairy free, yoga, hikes, beach, and a trip to a local school, the highlight for many of us, with the organization Pack for a Purpose.