Our Team

Vas Kypreos

Vas’s journey in wellness began at the age of 24 when she experienced her first Multiple Sclerosis (MS) attack and was soon after diagnosed with the autoimmune disease. Her diagnosis propelled her passion for health and wellness and in her journey to healing she was able to discover so much more. This path introduced her to yoga, to food as medicine, Pilates, meditation and a variety of holistic healing modalities such as acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic, energy work and more! Ultimately, it brought her to her career in wellness.

Vas strives to bring wellness to her community, family, and friends and offers the nurturing support needed to make transformational changes. She teaches and coaches with love, support and enthusiasm with a commitment to seeing her clients and students succeed and grow. Her joy comes in sharing her knowledge and experience with her community and watching those around her ultimately, LIVE WELL with joy, health, and happiness.

Vas has an MBA, is a certified yoga and Pilates teacher, as well as a certified Holistic Health Coach. Vas currently lives in Newport Beach, California where she is the Founder of ESO Live Well.

Megan Kelly

To Megan (Dr. Kelly), Wellness is simple. Megan realizes everyone and each body is unique. She’ll dive into YOU and your individual needs to design a plan that best fulfills your goals using multiple tools to help your body reach its peak performance. She’ll assess one’s cooking and eating habits, physical health and most importantly mental and spiritual health - treating the whole body. Her goal is to bring nutrition, wellness, and movement back into focus of your life.  

Megan has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy , a Masters in Holistic Nutrition and is a certified yoga instructor.  Wellness is a wide realm and is unique to each person.  Sessions can include pilates, yoga, soft tissue mobilization, manual therapy, nutrition counseling and more.  Each person is so unique and here at MK Roots Wellness we respect that and try to find a plan that best fits your individual needs. 

Lauren Brokop

Lauren considers herself first and foremost a student - continuously inspired by life’s endless opportunities to learn and grow. This is one of the many reasons she was first attracted to yoga. Yoga is so much more than a physical practice. It's a journey inward constantly challenging you to bring forth the best version of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

In her early adulthood she experienced a life-altering moment that led her to seek healing. That’s when she believes yoga found her. Through movement, breath, and meditation she reconnected  to herself and life; and began her journey of transforming mind, body, and soul. This practice has help her come back "home" - to a deeper, more joyous life. She hopes to share it with the world.

Lauren recognizes that we live in a “hurry-up, do more” society, and in order to heal we must create space for stillness and connection. Her teaching style is for everyone - balanced with gentle movement, strength, relaxation, and meditation. You’ll walk out feeling joyful, empowered and with a deeper connection to self.

Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Reiki Practitioner
Spiritual Entrepreneur
500hr Yoga Certification through Loyola Marymount’s Yoga Therapy Rx Program.

Dr. Elleni Koulos, "Dr. E"

Dr. E believes that each person is unique and that each person requires something different from therapy. She tailors therapeutic interventions to the specific needs of each individual, couple, or family. Some people find traditional talk-therapy most helpful, while others may respond best to creative and expressive art therapy techniques.

Dr. E believes early life experiences and relationships shape our sense of self and how we perceive the world. As a therapist she enjoys learning about how your past experiences and relationships have shaped your psychE.  

In therapy each aspect of the psychE will be explored and addressed, with specific attention to the mind-body connection, and the development of positive coping strategies.

PsychE :  Mind = Thoughts, Body = Physical, Soul = True Self, Spirit = Emotions, Heart = Relationships.

Dr. E is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Researcher, and Psychology Professor. She is the founder and creator of PsychE - a holistic approach to psychological, emotional, and physical wellness focused on achieving PsychE balance.

Shannon Gallant

Shannon came to discover her physical practice of yoga while living in Tokyo, Japan in 1993. While recording her second album in the UK in 2003 She began to venture into the healing properties of sound. While singing opera in Bath, UK and raising money for the various charities she began to see first hand the affects that the voice has on the human spirit - no matter the language nor ethnicity.

In 2007 she completed her sound healing course in the UK after completing a tuning fork workshop on the Island of Corfu, Greece.

Her “Vinyasa with Sound” class will leave you worked and ready to end just in time for an extra long savasana while “Restorative with Sound” will cradle and caress the body and mind. Both classes, with the aid of crystal & Tibetan singing bowls ,hands on enhancements, and Solfeggio Keyed tuning forks, Shannon will lead you on a journey where the heart connects to the soul.

She looks forward to creating beautiful music together!

Mollie Bridgeman

After many years of steady practice, Mollie trained in Anusara Yoga while living in Switzerland in 2012. Her teaching path has gone from alignment-based hatha yoga, to soulful flow and a deep passion for slow and gentle yoga and meditation practices. She loves to create space for her students as she does for herself. Her practice is a daily, often a twice daily ritual, deeply rooted in creating space to feel, breathe and be at home in her Being.

Mollie is a mother of three, practicing biodynamic gardener and farmer, and teacher/student. She is so grateful to the practices for guiding her beautifully through all that life brings.

Billy Pinkerton

Yoga is Billy’s passion and it comes through in his style of teaching. His approach is to work through the body to calm the mind, so we can be more present. Billy’s class has dynamic flows, static stretches, and fun transitions. He encourages students to develop their own intuitive practice that serves them. With detailed cues, and yogic philosophy seamlessly used your practice will deepen to the level you are comfortable with.

Billy teaches because Yoga cultivates health in the mind, body, and spirit, it’s a holistic and preventative system that is accessible to everyone. For Billy Yoga is the calming of the mind, the healing of the body and the connecting to our own spirit.

If Billy is not teaching you can find him exploring the beaches of Southern California looking for surf and a quiet place to relax.